Hellsborough & The Dark Peak

Discovering the unexplored parallel world of Sheffield, S6 -- Hellsborough and The Dark Peak


About Pip Rippon

Hi, I'm Pip!

You'd probably like to know a bit more about me, so here you go:

I'm an anthropologist and folklorist. I started learning about people and their stories at the University of Oxford, and later got a PhD from the University of Hallamshire, focusing on folklore.

I've spent my career exploring how cultures and their stories affect us. My research has helped me understand different communities and how their stories can shape their world. I think I'm good at paying attention to details and understanding different cultures -- that's my hope anyway.

Outside of school, I wanted to connect what I learnt in research with real life -- I want to share stories that aren't often heard, and I care about preserving cultural traditions -- I believe that studying anthropology and folklore can help people understand each other better. I want to work with others to make the world a more connected and friendly place -- and that, in a round about way, is what brought me here to this place -- to Hellsborough.

Now that I am here, most of the time at least -- I still have to return to the off-world now and then -- I have taken it upon myself to document as much as I can about this fascinating place, starting with a travel guide that I call The Curated Guide -- I created it as much for my benefit as yours, to try and get my head around the place. Please do have a browse, it'll make this place make more sense -- I hope :)

My current project, is trying to get the bones out of the stories of a local character called Van Hallam, who (many, many years ago in his youth), spent a lot of time in The Dark Peak proper, and had encounters with many of the denizens that make this place so different to the off-world. You can read some of that for free here (also available as ebooks in the library), or read the first book in full.

As a result of problems with The Hinge, I came to Hellsborough permanently. I can still go back to the off-world, should I need to, but I decided to chance my arm and see what happened. It's a capitalist world here, I found I can make money -- not just to survive, but to prosper, so it turns out that I've been getting on pretty well. I've been documenting my experiences, to show you, how you can do the same -- since using the advanced technology of The Dark Peak, I am able do exactly the same things that you can in your world. Read all about it here -- I call it: "Stranger in a Strange Land".

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Pip Rippon's Curated Guide to Hellsborough and The Dark Peak in epub and Kindle formats

Pip Rippon's Curated Guide
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Hellsborough Chronicles, Book 1: The Dark Peak, final version chapters 1 - 7 in epub and Kindle formats

Hellsborough Chronicles One
Chapters 1 - 7
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