Hellsborough & The Dark Peak

Discovering the unexplored parallel world of Sheffield, S6 -- Hellsborough and The Dark Peak


The Dark Peak Bestiary

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Milting, because they mill about. A smallish humanoid with thin skin around the nose and ears, very old in appearance. They sometimes gather in cabals. Some of them live extremely long lives, well in excess of the human average. Talk about all sorts of things, but their main interest is in land acquisition, by whatever means. They are scared of elder trees, but also attracted to them, and it is within the vicinity of elder trees that they are most likely to be spotted. Their association with elders has led to the belief — true of untrue — I have yet to establish, with witches. What is certain, is that they aren’t to be trusted, and will — at every opportunity talk you out of everything that you own. Milting, it I believed also change into longlegs at night. They are not denizens, nor are they cryptids, they just are. You would have recognised Milting as cunning folk back in the day, but this was way before back in the day.

Milting know about history, they are the witches of old, and they are one with dunlockslyn. Maybe in the off-world, you would call them angels, and Dunlockslyn, would be your God. I don't know, maybe I'm right, maybe not, but that is the closest analysis I can come to.

Milting exist. Like crocodiles and alligators, they are ancient survivors from a time so ancient, we cannot fathom. But like crocs and gators (should you travel outside this isle), if you meet one today -- and should you adventure in The Dark Peak for any length of time at all -- you will, you'll notice their truly advanced age, their thin and leathery skin, and should you talk to one or more, their incredible ability to talk at length about seemingly any subject from any eon that has ever passed. Their wings are now gone, of course, replaced by arms like yours and mine, but their teeth remain small and pointed, like grains of white rice, and their fingernails have a definite resemblance to the talons of their predecessors.

As disciples of Dunlockslyn (they created the religion), in ancient times, when they maybe resembled humanity less, you would have to make a serious case against them, at one time not resembling lizards with wings and the early men and women of the area not gifting them the title of angels.

Milting have collective intelligence, which is the forerunner of the hive mind, and that makes sense considering that Milting have been the overseers of the development of The Dark Peak since its very creation at the time of The illimitable cleavage, something that they witnessed, and survived (like early mammals, many insects, amphibians, and crustaceans, but unlike the dinosaurs), some 66 million years ago. Milting live long lives. Remembrance for them is hereditary, passed through their lineage. Their life history is recorded in their DNA.

After the impact of the meteor which caused the illimitable cleavage, the dinosaurs became extinct, but some species survived: The insects (wasps didn't survive in The Dark Peak), some mammals -- which eventually became humans -- and Milting (ancestors of the dinosaurs, lizard/birds), but for a long time, The Murk borne of the meteor impact and the dust clouds and eruptions that ensued ruled the earth, and all was darkness.

You'll find them in the off-world too. Of course you will. If you take the opportunity to locate them: The ancient ones. Milting exist on both sides of the junction.

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